safe是什么意思 safe在线翻译 safe什么意思 safe的意思 safe的翻译 safe的解释 safe的发音 safe的同义词 safe的反义词 safe的例句 safe的相关词组

safe [seɪf]  [sef] 


safe 基本解释

形容词安全的; 保险的,肯定的; 无损的; 提供保护的

名词保险箱,保险柜; 冷藏箱; 〈俚〉避孕套

safe 同义词

safe 反义词

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safe 相关例句


1. The house is not safe from theft.

2. Is the rope quite safe?

3. safe

3. We need a safe driver.

4. safe

4. It is good to be safe at home on a night like this.

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5. Water from this well is safe to drink.

safe 情景对话



A:How safe is this area? / Is this area safe? / How secure is the neighborhood?


B:It’s very safe.


A:How safe is this area?


B:Oh, well, you should lock the doors and turn the security system on when you leave, but it really isn’t too bad.

A:Really? Do you live nearby?

B:Yes. As a matter of fact, I live about two blocks north. I’ve never had any problems, although there have been a few break-ins recently.


B:The security system should take care of that, though. The entrance to the subway is not far from here..

A:That’s true. Is the neighborhood trying to do anything about the security?


B:Well, we’ve set up a neighborhood watch program. We caught a guy a couple of months ago.

A:All right, well, let me think about it.

safe 网络解释

1. 安全的:遴选出最适合中国消费者的高科技产品. 北京天冠永诚科技有限公司关注生命、关心健康. 我们的使命和永恒的目标是为中国各界保健品销售精英供应国外最为优质的(High-Test)、最为安全的(Safe)、最为有效的(Effective)健康食品和我们的各

2. 保险箱:点击这个水晶球,可看见一个保险箱(safe),但是现在还打不开,回到过道,进入对面的画廊. 画廊(gallery)这屋里面竟是一些面具和瓶瓶罐罐,(我感觉和那本日记里提到的土著部落有关)门的右边挂了一条项链,上面还挂着一颗狮子的脚抓.

3. 保险柜:备注: 成功地侵入(hack)一台炮塔(turret). 备注: 成功地侵入(hack)一台售货机(vending machine). 备注: 成功地侵入(hack)一台保险柜(safe). 备注: 以最高难度(hardest)完成游戏. 备注: 在老虎机(slot machine)上摇出大奖(jackpot).

4. safe什么意思

4. safe:state administration of foreign exchang; 国家外汇管理局

5. safe:security and freedom through encryption; 通过加密术实现的安全和自由

6. safe的解释

6. safe:state administration of foreign exchange; 外汇管理局

safe 词典解释

1. (对身体)无害的,安全的
    Something that is safe does not cause physical harm or danger.

    e.g. Officials arrived to assess whether it is safe to bring emergency food supplies into the city...
    e.g. Most foods that we eat are safe for birds.

2. 不会受伤的;不会受损的
    If a person or thing is safe from something, they cannot be harmed or damaged by it.

    e.g. In the future people can go to a football match knowing that they are safe from hooliganism...
    e.g. On beaches, keep your camera safe from sand by enveloping it inside a plastic bag...

3. 安全的;没有受伤的;安然无恙的
    If you are safe, you have not been harmed, or you are not in danger of being harmed.

    e.g. Where is Sophy? Is she safe?...
    e.g. A baby boy is safe after rescue workers pulled him from a 12-foot-deep construction hole...
           营救人员将一名男婴从 12 英尺深的建筑工地的深坑里拉出来时,他安然无恙。

All 140 guests were brought out of the building safely by firemen.
消防队员把 140 名客人全部从大楼里安全营救出来。

4. (地方)安全的,可靠的,保险的
    A safe place is one where it is unlikely that any harm, damage, or unpleasant things will happen to the people or things that are there.

    e.g. Many refugees have fled to safer areas...
    e.g. The elimination of all nuclear weapons would make the world a safer place...

The banker keeps the money tucked safely under his bed.

5. (旅途)平安的,无损的,一路顺风的
    If people or things have a safe journey, they reach their destination without harm, damage, or unpleasant things happening to them.

    e.g. 'I'm heading back to Ireland again for another weekend.' — 'Have a safe journey.'
    e.g. ...the UN plan to deploy 500 troops to ensure the safe delivery of food and other supplies.
           联合国部署一支 500 人的军队以确保食物和其他补给物资安全运送的计划

The space shuttle returned safely today from a 10-day mission...
航天飞机完成 10 天的飞行任务后于今日安全返回。
Once Mrs Armsby was safely home, she called the police again.

6. (距离)安全的,不会遭到伤害的
    If you are at a safe distance from something or someone, you are far enough away from them to avoid any danger, harm, or unpleasant effects.


    e.g. I shall conceal myself at a safe distance from the battlefield...
    e.g. He thinks he can find a way to vaccinate the elephants from a safe distance.

7. 不会丢失的;志在必得的;稳操胜券的
    If something you have or expect to obtain is safe, you cannot lose it or be prevented from having it.


    e.g. We as consumers need to feel confident that our jobs are safe before we will spend spare cash...
    e.g. Is the National Health Service safe with the Conservative party?...

8. (行动)风险小的,万无一失的,保险的
      A safe course of action is one in which there is very little risk of loss or failure.


      e.g. Electricity shares are still a safe investment...
      e.g. It might not be safe politically for the President to leave the country.

We reveal only as much information as we can safely risk at a given time.

9. 四平八稳的;缺乏新意的;不够刺激的
      If you disapprove of something because you think it is not very exciting or original, you can describe it as safe .

      e.g. ...frustrated artists who became lawyers at an early age because it seemed a safe option...
      e.g. Rock'n'roll has become so commercialised and safe since punk.

10. 有把握的;不会有错的;可以肯定的
      If it is safe to say or assume something, you can say it with very little risk of being wrong.

      e.g. I think it is safe to say that very few students expend the effort to do quality work in school...
      e.g. The only safe assumption is that the world's financial markets will have to find solutions themselves.

If I go to a grocer I know and trust, I can safely assume the eggs will be fresh...
I think you can safely say she will not be appearing in another of my films.

11. (秘密)不会被泄漏的,会被保守的,安全的
      If you say to someone that their secret is safe with you, you are promising not to tell it to anyone.

      e.g. Don't worry, Mr Palin, your secret is safe with me.

12. 保险柜
      A safe is a strong metal cupboard with special locks, in which you keep money, jewellery, or other valuable things.

      e.g. The files are now in a safe to which only he has the key.

13. see also: safely

14. 得到妥善照顾的;由可靠的人保护(或保管)的
      If you say that a person or thing is in safe hands, or is safe in someone's hands, you mean that they are being looked after by a reliable person and will not be harmed.

      e.g. I had a huge responsibility to ensure these packets remained in safe hands...
      e.g. Don't worry, Uncle Tim, your future is safe in our hands.

15. 非常安全的;绝对安全的
      If you say that something or someone is as safe as houses, you mean that they are completely safe.

      e.g. The Government insisted that Britain's nuclear power stations are as safe as houses.

16. 使(某地)适合开展(某活动);使适宜
      If someone tries to make a place safe for a particular activity, they try to make the place suitable for that activity, although their efforts may have very undesirable effects.

      e.g. Why did these men fight and die? Supposedly it was to make the world safe for democracy.

17. 谨慎行事;避免冒险
      If you play safe or play it safe, you do not take any risks.


      e.g. If you want to play safe, cut down on the amount of salt you eat...
      e.g. The pilot decided that Christchurch was too far away, and played it safe and landed at Wellington.

18. 谨慎为是;以防万一;为安全起见
      If you say you are doing something to be on the safe side, you mean that you are doing it in case something undesirable happens, even though this may be unnecessary.

      e.g. You might still want to go for an X-ray, however, just to be on the safe side.
             不过,为稳妥起见,你可能还想要照一个 X 光。

19. 宁可事先谨慎有余,不要事后追悔莫及
      If you say 'it's better to be safe than sorry', you are advising someone to take action in order to avoid possible unpleasant consequences later, even if this seems unnecessary.

      e.g. Don't be afraid to have this checked by a doctor — better safe than sorry!

20. 平平安安的;安然无恙的
      You say that someone is safe and sound when they are still alive or unharmed after being in danger.

      e.g. All I'm hoping for is that wherever Trevor is he will come home safe and sound.

21. a safe pair of hands -> see pair
      safe in the knowledge -> see knowledge

safe 英英释义


1. contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse

    Synonym: condomrubbersafetyprophylactic

2. strongbox where valuables can be safely kept

3. a ventilated or refrigerated cupboard for securing provisions from pests


1. (of an undertaking) secure from risk

2. free from danger or the risk of harm

    e.g. a safe trip
           you will be safe here
           a safe place
           a safe bet

3. financially sound

    e.g. a good investment
           a secure investment

    Synonym: dependablegoodsecure

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