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Speech Theme

Speech Theme 双语例句

1. Ministry of Information Industry and Information Promotion Deputy Director of the Division Dong-Green arrived at the scene speech and said that the integration of software and the Internet is the trend of the times, the national information industry development in line with the theme, the letter is also the focus of the current work.

2. Speech Theme的意思

2. That's the theme of my speech today.

3. Speech Theme的意思

3. That is the theme of my speech today!

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4. At first, his speech was relevant to the theme of the conference.

5. Today the theme of our speech is water--- the origin of life.

6. The theme of my speech, New Century, New Times of the College Life

7. The basic theme of the speech was the era of big government is over.

8. Again webpage caption TITLE, keywords, whether is the keyword included in Description label, the Tltle of net of peaceful wave building materials is net of peaceful wave building materials | Peaceful wave building materials trades | Industry of peaceful wave building materials website of the first portal, that speech before leaning more commonly is more important, it is the keyword that he wants to highlight likely more, also be a phrase likely, but included that keyword, everybody can be analysed through website theme content, try to guess the keyword of next this websites, can see apparently commonly, won't too much decorate or conceal.

9. During September 19th and 21st, Mayor Wang Shunsheng led the Zhuhai Government Delegation to attend the 21st Asia-Pacific Petroleum Conference in Singapore. Mr. Wang made a theme speech introducing the petrochemical industry in Zhuhai and it caused widespread concerns in this field.

10. General principles are conveyed by theme discussions of auditory masking, sound localization, musical pitch, speech coding, and cochlear implants.

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11. This will be a key theme of Mr Geithner's speech in Beijing.

12. According to theme (4), given the Director-General of UNESCO has confirmed his attendance and speech, please draft a press release.

13. Speech Theme什么意思

13. Through the theme, it explains the point of view to make the writing of female and the speech of emotional desire covering with morality and politics meanings, and this annotation ignores the real position of female writing and its complicated meaning.

14. This paper intends to analyze narrative strategies including the paralleled structure, multiple points of view and free direct speech to highlight the characterization and the theme of the novel.

15. Its effectiveness can be fully testified and verified in text interpretation, in revealing the major theme of a literary work in particular. Among the branches of pragmatics, speech act theory plays a dominant role in literary pragmatics.

16. In the strong view of fate theme, Hardy novels'" the all-effective " narrative style not only replace the characters'speech, but also directly comment, this presenting a " soliloquy " nature.

17. As we all know, language is linear, so the speaker must start his speech with proper constituent, that is to say, he must select proper Theme as the beginning of his sentence message.

18. Speech Theme是什么意思

18. The focal point of the memorial is a1, 600-metric-ton granite structure called the mountains of despair, a theme from Reverend King's famous " I Have a Dream " speech.

19. To the dominance theme, " New Biography of Heroes and Heroines " complies with the speech requirement of leading ideology, which, to much extent, accounts for its popularity.

20. The author must develop a mentality poetry, with writing materials accumulated in life, analysis and comprehensive understanding of the speech, before forming the theme.

Speech Theme 单语例句

1. The need to shun growth for growth's sake and to make China's economy greener and leaner is a recurring theme in the speech.

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